Wednesday, February 25, 2009

President Obama's Speech before the combined House

Last Evening we heard an eloquent speech presented by a master orator. He was polished, witty, and it seemed he was very sincere in his desire to help the American people. Once again the American people basked in the gentle glow of their televisions to hear the President of the United States slide around his oath to the Constitution.

Having said that; here is a man that less than 5 weeks ago swore an oath to “protect and defend the Constitution;” who spoke for 50 minutes on the many and costly programs that were totally outside the scope of the federal government.

This is not about saving money, or banks, or car companies, this is about saving the very principles this great nation was founded upon.

What we heard last evening was nothing more than a plea to race headlong toward socialism, to spread the wealth around, as he has said before. He wants to create federal lending funds and housing rescue plans to help individual home owners (wealth redistribution). He wants to swoop down from on high with the “full force of the Federal Government” whenever any bank may be having problems and bring them to task. And may we remind the reading audience; it was that very same federal government that mandated that these banks make those loans or lose their favored bank rating. They caused the problem by their very own regulations and offer to fix it by increasing regulation and control. What this really means is more power for the central government and less power to the states.

Then he tells us how he inherited this “Great Debt” and within 30 days of taking office created the largest governmental spending in the history of the nation.

He spoke of more money for education. In effect creating a cradle to career, (his words were birth to college) to get more college level workers into the system. He spoke of providing every child the opportunity for universal education to include a college education that will cost at least a half a trillion dollars in and of itself to educate those 7 million students.

He wants to immediately establish the electronic health care records program. As with every other electronic system in existence, the federal government will have its fingers fully intertwined within it. And anyone who believes the government will not utilize every bit of information it has at its disposal to fulfill any of its “missions” is either ignorant of the working of our government or a fool. A possible example how this would work is: Because terrorists, who may be bringing in lethal gases, viruses, nuclear material, etc. may potentially display symptoms requiring they receive medical attention, the records of all hospitals will be made available to the federal government to ensure the safety of our nation. From here it is a small step to tie into the Center for Disease Control so they can monitor the health of the nation and be able to more accurately determine when a pandemic is occurring. Then as the government becomes more involved in banking, health insurance, etc. they will need access to determine the status of their clients. After all they (feds) are paying for it therefore they have a right to know what “their” money is doing, right?

Then there was the quickly touted claim of enacting “preventive health care.” One can only be lead to believe that because you are on the government’s health care system you must comply with certain requirements to ensure proper cost saving measures. One could envision a required semi-annual checkup, weekly exercise program, and calorie and meal requirements for the obese. All of this in an effort to reduce the overall cost of the health care system and make people healthier. Of course they will now live longer because they are so much healthier, but don’t fret the 750.00 month social security pension will see you through just fine.

The issue here is not what can be done but who should be doing it.

The federal government was created by a charter that enumerates the powers of the federal government, that charter is called the Constitution for the United States. Each and every item in the Presidents speech cannot be found supported by the Constitution. Who knows better what the people of a particular state need, the people of that state, or the President? Who would be in a better position to help those in need, a President in the White House, or the legislature of the state where they reside.

What we need is for our states to stand up on their own two feet and tell the federal government enough is enough. We, the states of this union, created you and we can dismantle you. Repeal every law, ordinance, and statute that is not founded in the enumerated powers of the Constitution, stand down and let the states handle their own domestic problems. The Tenth Amendment states that all powers not enumerated in the Constitution are reserved to the states or to the people and damn it it’s time we stood up.

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