Monday, May 10, 2010


While it might have been a lot of fun for you to sit smugly on the sidelines of the health care debate, and then voting NAY on everything that was being debated, it was unproductive. The bill that emerged was even worse than it had to be — because none of you tried to improve the bill.

Here’s a news flash for you: You can always vote against the bill after you have made multiple improvements to it. That way, you can have a big win by defeating it, or a small victory by, at least knocking out the worst elements of the bill or even adding some good points.

Here we are, once again. Americans are looking at the possibility of another very unpopular bill being rammed down our throats — AMNESTY. By engaging in the debate, instead of running away from it, you can add all kinds of amendments to it.

For instance, a requirement that any applicant amnesty must be fluent in English within two years or he/she loses whatever status they have achieved. Or any person with a felony record is ineligible. Or persons convicted of DUI or identity theft are ineligible. Or you could insist that “family reunification” laws be changed to require DNA testing. Or you could make eligibility to vote contingent upon a person’s ability to function in English and display knowledge of our system of government.

There’s so much you could do by engaging the enemy instead of hiding in your foxholes and shouting epithets!

By entering into the debate, you are not betraying any principles. You are doing your job! You have the power to ensure that assimilation, not multiculturalism, is the cornerstone of any amnesty by eliminating bilingual education; bilingual ballots, E.O.13166, etc…

Here’s another news flash for you: The Karl Rove Doctrine – that theory that guided the Bush Administration to support amnesty and to pander shamelessly after the immigrant vote was a total failure!

The “legal” immigrants, that is, the hard working legally naturalized Americans who have mainstreamed into our society, were already voting Republican. The Rove Doctrine only angered them. And the “illegal” immigrants ignored the pitiful panderings of the Bush Administration because they knew that the Democrats give much bigger and better benefits that the stodgy Republicans.

So … instead of being the party of NO, try to become that party that recognizes that, even though they are the minority party, they can still serve their constituents and the nation by debating the issues and fighting for the issues all Americans, Republican and Democrat, support.

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