Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Help I'm Becoming a Cliche'

For years there has been the Stereotype of the "older" man bitching and complaining about how people drive. That they go too fast, too slow, don't use proper get the idea. I've become "that guy". It happened sometime after my 45th birthday and has followed a sad but predictable path.

It's been a subtle change, at first it was just the occasional damn, hell or ID10T hollered after the offender after they had nearly ended mine or their own life by doing something stupid like, pulling into oncoming traffic at 60-70 miles an hour in a no passing zone. This was rational and the anger faded in a couple of minutes.

After a few months I then "graduated" to making obscene gestures at the miscreant, along with the above mentioned hollering; sometimes questioning if possibly their mother had not actually known who their father might be. Alto not entirely rational this could still be defended if the act had threatened my children with their disregard for the laws of safety and the road. I did take a little longer to cool down, couple hours the max.

I knew I had crossed some kind of line when I found that after one of these encounters I was still going on hours later about how I was sorry I had ever impugned their mother's good name by suggesting that she hadn't known the offenders father. How could she not know her own brother, ( or father if I was really upset).
I find myself now railing to any who will listen, such as yourself dear reader; on how the police are never around when someone does things like these people do, or how I imagine coming upon an accident caused by one of these simians and filling in all who will listen how they had just blew past me doing 90 on a blind curve.

So please drive careful I really am a very nice guy.

Couple of songs today...enjoy