Thursday, June 25, 2009

Indiana Electric rates WILL double if We do not act NOW

TOMORROW (Friday June 26th, 2009), the House will vote on the Pelosi/ Obama-pushed massive carbon tax -- what the Wall Street Journal today is calling the "biggest tax in American history."

That means we have just a few hours left to voice our opposition.

The Journal says the bill "defies the laws of economics" and then lambasts the Congressional Budget Office for totally ignoring the negative effects on the economy this bill will cause.

For example, Heritage Foundation’s estimates that the cap-and-trade Carbon Tax will:

"Reduce aggregate Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by
$9.6 trillion"

"Destroy up to 2.5 million jobs in some years"

"Raise electric rates 90%, gasoline prices by 74%, and
natural gas prices by 55% after adjusting for inflation"

"Raise a typical family's average annual energy bill
by $1,500."

I am asking everyone to take immediate action in two ways:
#1 -- Send Faxes and emails Now!

We must let every member of the House know that citizens do NOT want yet another enormous tax and government bureaucracy! We oppose their massive carbon taxing scheme! Below is a link that will help you find who your Congressman is and how to contact them.

#2-- Call your Rep today!

Call your Representative and key House leaders and tell them you oppose H.R. 2454!

Here is a link that will help you find who your Congressman is and how to contact them.

Other key House leaders or undecideds to call:

Rep. Collin Peterson (Ag Committee Chair): 202-225-2165
(Peterson just caved and is now supporting the bill)

Rep. Tim Holden (Ag Cmmtte Vice Chair): 202-225-5546

Rep. Tim Walz (MN) 202-225-2472

Rep. Mike McIntyre (NC): 202-225-2731

Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX): 202-225-1640

Rep. David Scott (GA): 202-225-2939

Talking Points:

1. I oppose the cap-and-trade Carbon Tax. This is an outrageous
power grab by the federal government that will greatly expand
government control and increase energy costs for my family.

2. This system of "allocations" has failed in Europe and will
politicize America's energy policy.

3. Especially in these difficult economic times, Congress must
not pass this tax on the American people!

Here are the links to the articles in the Wall Street Journal :

And at the Heritage Foundation:

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