Saturday, June 27, 2009

With or without our consent: The "Cap & Trade" Bill passes the House

With or without our consent the powers that be in our supposed House of Representatives once again said they don't care what the majority of their constituents want and passed H.R. 2454: The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009

Here’s a PDF link to the bill passed by congress today and heading for the Senate.

HR 2454

BTW, the vote was 219-212 with enough Republicans crossing the aisle to pass it.

I would openly like to thank my own Congressman Joe Donnelly for having the sense and the intestinal fortitude to go against his party. Only 2 Indiana Representatives, Democrats Andre’ Carson from the 7th district and Baron Hill from the 9th, voted for HR 2454.

Want to see how your Congressman voted on this bill?

And here are some highlights of the 300 page amendment tacked on in the wee hours of the morning.

It was amazing to listen to Boehner run down the 300+ page amendment to the bill that got dumped on Congress at 3 AM Friday morning. Among the provisions:

1) You are now more or less subject to the CA building code no matter where you are. If you sell your house, you have to pay to get it energy rated and brought up to CA standards.

2) Son of Smoot-Hawley

3) Every city, town, and municipality must hire 3 full time people to deal with the bill

4) All house appraisers must now be retrained and re-certified by some sort of federal agency to evaluate “properly” the energy enhancements

5) FNM and FRE are to be set free to have to make more lost cost mortgages.

6) There is a 5 billion dollar set-aside for the creation of a “Green Bank” to make loans to worthy people.

7) Acorn gets a slice, since they get some money to perform the retrofit “greening”. CRA all over again.

Bend over America; Obama, Pelosi and those who voted for this travesty want to get better acquainted.

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