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The American Republic is Dead: Cause - Ignorance

Many things that we see every day, and take for granted, are there for less than sincere purposes. Entertainment and media, which is supposedly only in existence for our enjoyment and pleasure, is not and never was there for that purpose. Entertainment is being used by the higher echelons of our national government and the global elites to control the population. How? If the people are focused on pop culture and sports, they cannot possibly be simultaneously watching the activities of their elected officials. This allows them free reign to do whatever they want; if no-one is watching, who will catch them?

The latest statistic on reading in the United States is a terrifying one - a scant 3/4 of Americans read one book a year. Note that we are talking about one book, not 100. 25% of Americans go 365 days without reading a single page. If that doesn't shock or scare you, there is something wrong with you. The global elites have carried out their plan of mass ignorance and de-education with stunning success. Most Americans watch several hours of television a day; engorging themselves with corporate propaganda like pigs at the trough.

It is no wonder that America is so ignorant and uninformed when one looks at such horrifying statistics. When one looks at what so-called "books" are for sale today, these people might as well just not read. No longer do Americans read classic pieces of literature. No, now we read biographies and "tell-all" books about idiots profiling their acts of idiocy. Every celebrity has at one point or another published a meaningless tome (a long pamphlet, really) about their worthless lives and the stupid things they have done. Out of the 75% that actually read something, 50% are probably reading these books. So, essentially, less than half of America reads a worthwhile book a year. I'm just filled with optimism about our future, aren't you?

On a similar, but not entirely related front, many Americans haven't even read the Constitution and even more are confused as to what it actually contains in the way of civil liberties. Most Americans think the mythical monolithic wall of separation between church and state is actually spoken of in the Constitution. The words "separation of church and state" are nowhere to be found in the Constitution; they were written in the private letters of Thomas Jefferson. Of course, you can't expect the Kool-Aid drinkers to put down the television remote for a fraction of a second to pick up the Constitution and read about their rights.

I have never understood why people are so ignorant of the Constitution. Seeing as it grants us our rights against the tyranny of the State, you'd think people would take it a little more seriously and be vigilant of intrusions on their civil liberties. They obviously haven't been watching too closely, seeing as the federal government has been shredding the Constitution since at least 1933, when FDR raped the Constitution (repeatedly) with his wildly unconstitutional New Deal programs. And yet, FDR, President-for-Life and the first dictator of the American State, is almost unilaterally praised as a great patriotic Hero. After all, he got us ot of the Depression didn't he? Well... actually, no, he didn't, but that's a debate we can have at a later date.

No, I've changed my mind - we'll get past that one right now. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was not, is not now, and never will be an American hero, patriot, or anything remotely good. His massive New Deal set of reforms was blatantly unconstitutional, and many of his reforms were shot down by the Supreme Court during the 1930s for that reason. That led to his threatening of a very unconstitutional action - the packing of the Supreme Court. He threatened to "pack" the Supreme Court with justices that supported his unconstitutional actions, so that if any of his reforms were set to be reviewed, they would be ruled legal in spite of their blatant illegality.

Also, they really didn't help the economy, and they certainly didn't jumpstart it, as some liberal sycophants would have you believe. If you look at just the facts, economic growth and the growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) from 1933 to 1940 wasn't that impressive. The truth is that World War Two and the booming armaments industry dragged America out of the Great Depression. If it weren't for things like the Lend-Lease Act and the war itself, the depression would've likely dragged on throughout the 1940s.

That's enough for a while; now let's get back to the original topic, which is that Americans are constantly distracted by pop culture so they don't see what is actually going on in Washingon. If only they knew... Americans would take to the streets overnight in an armed show of righteous indignation. But if current trends continue, that will only take place far off in some isolated revolutionary's dreams.

The biggest distractor is sports, by far. Sports, which were meant to be recreational activities played occasionally on the weekend with your friends when you had free time, have now morphed into a multi-billion dollar industry. As far as I know, sports were originally meant to be played in the backyard, not to be watched in an arena full of imbeciles who pay in excess of $100 for a ticket and a moldy looking hot dog. What's worse is that a man, probably an ex-criminal, can become a football player and make more than the President of the United States, despite the fact that his IQ is lower than the speed limit in most cul-de-sacs. While the free market creates such a disparity of wealth, it is acceptable provided it is what the market will bear. If the fans didn't waste their money on stupid memorabilia such as jerseys, the outrageous salaries of the players would plummet.

So if most of America wastes it's time watching a bunch of uniformed man-children kicking various balls down fields, what does it do in between games? Most usually spend this precious time watching.... their kids? Yeah, right... the answer is celebrities. While most Americans don't know who the Speaker of the House is, they can tell you the names of the 30 or so Kenyan children adopted by Angelina Jolie. Ahh... I love it when people have their priorities in order.

More people, sadly, care about Britney Spears and her exploits, such as shaving her head to reveal a face fitting of a hermaphrodite, than current events such as our foreign policy. After having our military forces deployed in Afghanistan for almost a decade, less than 10% of Americans can point out Afghanistan on a world map. But geography is such useless knowledge, right? After all, which is more important - fixing our beleaguered economy, or being able to know the words to every rap song recorded in the last twenty years?

If you don't believe these statements all it should take to convince you is to watch the ridiculous behaviors that come from both sides of those that run our country. These people that run our government get into arguments over whether there should be a Michael Jackson day or not... in the middle of trying to resolve how best to create a Health Care Bill very few of the actual citizens supported or wanted. These people no longer care about you, the citizen... they only care about doing things that make you think they care and keep them in power or meet the utopia of their own design. In they end... as long as they are in government they can do what they want when ever they want. One more clue as to the division between them and the common folk... they made sure that when they took the power they put in clauses that made them excluded from the effects of the laws they passed. I am willing to bet that if our federal government would be saddled with the same coverage the current Health Care Bill provides, the amount of individuals willing to vote it into being would drop significantly. As for which side they are on... it is all a mask. They are on neither side. It is all the costume they wear to appeal to the public that will put them in power. If the state is red, they dawn the red cape and profess to be a conservative... and likewise for a blue state. They make promises they may or may not ever fulfill, so long as they gain that groups support to give them the power.

So what can we informed citizens do to turn the rising tide of ignorance and save our sacred Republic from tyranny? First, we can rouse our friends and family from the slumber they've been in for so long. Then we can join a local patriot group or, better yet, the Constitution Party, one of America's fastest growing third parties. While many of you would consider joining the Libertarian Party, I cannot because I am pro-life and the Libertarian Party sadly is not. The Constitution Party is dedicated to reigning in big government and restoring the Republic, which is on it's deathbed as we speak.

Many people are fearful of Big Brother and hesitant to stand up to the federal government. Most fear retribution and retaliation from the likes of the IRS and others, who have a history of harassing the detractors of big government. However, those fears, at least for the time being, are unwarranted. But we must stand up now before it actually is a crime to criticize the government. We must remember that all it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

Now is the time to rise up (via peaceful demonstrations, not violent revolution) and throw off the yoke of oppressive government! Now is the time to throw down the gauntlet before the feet of tyranny and demand that the federal government uphold the Constitution! Now is the time to demand answers from our elected officials! Now is the time - for we have nothing to lose, but a world to gain!

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