Saturday, November 7, 2009

HR3962 passes. How'd your representative vote? Joe Donnelly voted in support of socialism and throwing you in jail if you don't want health insurance

Well the House part of this travesty is over. How did your representative vote?

Mine, Joe Donnelly of Indiana's second district, just like he did on the bail out legislation last fall, has chosen to ignore the vast majority of his constituents and voted for the 2000+ page health care bill that will if it clears the senate will give the government control of another 18% of business in this country. Let me say it a little different. If this passes the Senate it will give the GOVERNMENT full or partial ownership in nearly 48% of all business in this country.

I can't be the only one that sees an issue with this?

Congressman Donnelly, I find it hard to believe that you actually contemplated this issue as you claim to have. Even if you did, you most certainly did not listened to your district on what they thought. Every poll I seen from your district showed a MAJORITY of people here AGAINST health care reform as was being pressed by this congress. The staff member I spoke to Wednesday at your office made it very clear that the majority of calls you were receiving were asking you not to vote for this bill. So whats the story?

Know what ...never mind I'll read it in my local edition of Pravda.

For those of you who would like to know who it is you should vote out this next election follow the link and if they voted Aye I personally believe they should be voted out and gone this next election. Too bad for us that Indiana isn't a recall state.

Myself I am going to find out who is running against Congressman Donnelly and do my best to see they win here in Indiana District 2. Well...that is if they allow us elections or we haven't been thrown in jail for not having the "approved" insurance, or having a blog that speaks in dissent, or refusing the H1N1 shot, I'm sure a reason will be found if needed.

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