Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pelosi: Constitution Be Damned, we will Pass ObamaCare At All Costs

Nancy Pelosi just unveiled Plan B. If she can't strong-arm the votes she so desperately needs to shove ObamaCare down your throat, she's going to simply "deem" the Senate version of ObamaCare passed in the House of Representatives without actually voting on it.

House Minority Leader John Boehner called this latest development a "controversial trick." Rep. Thaddeus McCotter used the phrases "acme of arrogance" and "shredding the U.S. Constitution" to describe what is going on right now.

But even Boehner's and McCotter's descriptions might be gross understatements. Think about it... why stop at allowing radical leftists in Congress to "deem" that laws have passed without votes?

Why not disband the Senate and the House of Representatives altogether and allow Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid to simply invoke laws the American people oppose by direct declaration? Isn't that, after all, what they are now attempting to do with ObamaCare?

This latest scheme to pass ObamaCare without voting on it further proves Ms. Pelosi’s, Mr. Obama’s and Mr. Reid’s arrogance and desperation. They will stop at nothing to pass this government takeover of health care against the wishes of the American people.

Can the House pass the Senate healthcare bill without voting on it? If Speaker Pelosi has her way then that may be what happens. It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry, and we keep wondering, can they really get away with it?

For one thing, there's a 1998 Supreme Court ruling that says each chamber of Congress must approve the exact same wording of a bill before that bill can become law.

You wouldn't think Congress would need a court ruling to determine this, but they are politicians, so they need lots of remedial assistance with simple logic.

We really don't think this pig can fly. If the Democrats try to launch it, the courts will sink it. And a differently constituted Congress may also repeal it after the November election. But you never know, so we need to keep pressuring Congress to drop this bill. Please write them another letter. Remember . . .

These people work for you. They also have the power of coercion over you. You have the right to tell them what you think, as often as you want, day after day, or even several times a day. Use this right.

Every letter you send gets counted and reported up the chain of command. And some of these letters will be read by the top staff in each Congressional office. Even President Obama reads 10 letters per day. So your letters DO count. They do matter. Keep sending them. Specifically, today . . .

1. If your House Rep is a Democrat, and you haven't called this week to tell him or her to oppose the healthcare bill, please do so today.
2. If you haven't yet asked a friend to use our system to send Congress a letter, please do so today. You can forward them this message.
3. Send another letter of your own.

You can borrow from the following sample letter, or copy all of it . . .

This letter is mainly for my House Rep, but I'm also copying my Senators to remind them of how angry I am about this issue. Please be aware that I know how Congress has rigged the rules to hide 60% of the cost of the healthcare bill.

When President Clinton tried to pass similar legislation his budget had to show the cost of the mandates he wanted to impose on the American people. This was one of the things that caused that bill to fail. But now . . .

You politicians have changed the rules so that the Congressional Budget Office no longer has to include the costs of these mandates in its scores. This is a willful attempt to deceive the American people.

This CBO memo is the smoking gun:

Michael Cannon, of the Cato Institute, provides a good summary here:

Please remember, everything you do is based on coercion. If I do not submit to your dictates eventually some government official will show up at my door and point a gun at me. This healthcare bill is no different. Please stop trying to force me to do things your way. Please stop threatening to point guns at me. Please mind your own business. Please obey the limits imposed on you by the Constitution. You can start by defeating this healthcare bill.


If you do not know how to contact your congressman or Senator, or are not sure who they are this link will take you to a website that will allow you to find that information.

Please I implore you to take a stand for yourself and your family.

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