Thursday, January 5, 2012

Oh Walter...Where are you when we need you?

America’s news media has fallen from being a watchdog and defender of liberty to a worthless, sniveling pawn of the power brokers in Washington. That is why, today, after the Iowa primaries, the American people still have little useful information on the candidates.
Yes, our media is great at telling us which candidate is the most boring, the most attractive or what their favorite snack might be. Who cares? Americans need to know which candidates have the best ideas, the strength of character, courage and the leadership skills to put our nation back on track.
For more than twenty years, U.S. Border Control has rated the candidates for federal office, based entirely on their record in addressing our nation’s border and immigration policies.
And we will likely continue our detailed analysis of the candidates later this year. In the interim, however, we have assembled a brief scorecard of the Republican presidential candidates who competed in Iowa.
This rating provides three scores, one strictly on border and immigration policy; a second, more general rating on their capabilities, knowledge, and their defense of liberty, and, a third rating on their chances to defeat President Obama.
The ratings (Alphabetically):
NAME            IMMIGRATION  OVERALL  CAPABLE                                                 OF WINNING

Michelle Bachman         A-   C+       C

Newt Gingrich            C    B        B+

John Huntsman            C-   B-       C

Ron Paul                 B    A-       B

Rick Perry               C-   B        B

Mitt Romney              B    B        B+

Rick Santorum            B    B        B

As much as possible, the immigration ratings were derived from actual votes and bills sponsored or cosponsored by the candidates. When not available, public statements were also used. The Overall and the Capable of Winning are subjective but are based on our 30+ years of political experience in Washington.

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