Friday, August 3, 2012

An Open Letter to Joe Donnelly

Below is the text of an email I have just sent to Indiana Congressman Joe Donnelly.  Fortunately for me as of this next election he will no longer be my congressman and if all goes as it looks will have not a snowballs chance in hell of ascending to the Senate, hopefully ending his political career for the time being.

In reference to your Aye vote for Question On Motion to Suspend the Rules and Pass: S 679 To reduce the number of executive positions subject to Senate confirmation.

NO! This is not only wrong from a legal view point IMHO it is tantamount to treason!
The Constitution cannot be changed except through the amendment process which requires ratification by the states. This is wrong.

What checks and balances are we left with anyway? This just formalizes what has already occurred. We have "Czars" in charge of various areas. We have a surveillance and intelligence apparatus that is larger than the East Germans and Soviets ever dreamed. And its about to be turned on us more fully. 

I've written letters. I've tried to be involved. But I'm a layman who has real financial responsibilities and who is not getting bailed out of my mistakes by my government. I write what I feel is an informed letter and I get a book back written by a staffer whose sole job is to research the politician's views on the matter and articulate them in such a way as to be unarguable. 

Face it. The average citizen is outgunned. I don't have time to do the rebuttal research. I stated my opinion. It is ALWAYS ignored because the official has already made up his mind and he has volumes of data to support his choice.

We have NO say over our government so long as we continue to elect the same clowns over and over. 

The only hope we have is for enough people to say "enough!" and elect local friends and business owners that have never held political office to the Senate and the House. We must do away with this two-headed monster called Democrats and Republicans and elect real people. Is it going to happen? No. It was such an uphill battle to get simply Rand Paul elected. And that has to happen everywhere and not under the standard political banners.

I do know that I again will do all I can to keep you from gaining a Senate seat this fall.

Enough commentary. I have to get back to my real job so that my family still has a roof over its head and we can eat next month.
  David McDougle"

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