Monday, August 31, 2009

Makers Of the H1N1 Vaccination Refuse To Take It.

OK, this H1N1 Flu, or as I call it "Hinnie", is getting weirder by the hour.
Even the ones making the Vaccines refuse to take it! WTH is up with that!?
What is even worse, they tell their friends and family NOT to take it as well..

Even scientists who helped develop the vaccine say THEY ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT AND URGE THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY NOT TO TAKE IT EITHER, says Wayne Madsen, an investigative journalist and RT contributor.

Meanwhile, it has been reported that vets have found traces of the H1N1 flu virus in birds. It was detected in turkeys at farms in Chile.

So far H1N1 flu has proved to be very contagious, but not more deadly than the common flu.
However, scientists fear it may combine with avian flu, which is currently very dangerous but hard to pass on.

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