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Second Amendment Facts That Those In Power Would Like To Ignore, Part 2

The Second Amendment to the United States Constitution is a Natural Right which means it is a personal right to defend oneself, the oldest right known to mankind, traced as far back historically as 872 A.D. As to the Roman Civil Judiciary which via a convenient European fomented Civil War and presidential assassination this legal take over by those foreign scoundrels has taken illegal residence in this nation since 1868, July 28th to be exact..They continue to try to put their own interpretations into it by twisting and violating the 9th Amendment, and most members of Congress, with some notable exceptions do not know the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and they fail miserably when it comes to our States individual Constitutions as well..

Other than to recite the articles and clauses when necessary to put on their big show these Lawyers fail the test of Constitutional savvy. I think and many Constitutionalists believe our nations leaders who are supposed to be our nations guardians should be required five years minimum of Constitutional schooling, The populace should have been required to be schooled in this legal information as well, since after all it is a contract to maintain their own Liberty, but unfortunately in the last 100 years it is safe to say the majority of these law students received one semester of Constitutional instruction at best and for that matter our Universities do not teach the proper definitions of the Document themselves. It is a sad state of affairs and it shows..And the people this famous document defends are ignorant to it’s meaning, and take for granted strangers will guard it for them, these people are in for a huge let down soon..

The late Senator Sam Ervin was the one who could confirm our list of personal rights, which are the rights government can never take from us through any Congressional or Court actions, period..Now days our populace waits around for these bumbling bunch of fools and their Court’s to decide the definitions of Rights, which were decided and defined many decades ago, and we only need to read them ourselves to learn the truth..

Mankind is in error when they decide to trust strangers to decipher Scripture and law for them, instead of staying abreast of those documents themselves, this was not the case in the days of the 1800s, people had time to read then, and stay sharp in these lessons of Liberty, law, and natural Rights from God..

Today we have trained intellectuals who think their superior in intelligence compared to those people of history, Great books and works of ancient letters of the 1700s-1800s, and even early 1900s do not bare this out to be true.. How then do the most educated of our two centuries lose their own nation and stare in bewilderment and confusion as to the cause… History may even show scholars in the future that these people in latter day America surrendered their guns to a small group of liars and con men via fear..

It seems highly unlikely to me that these brave modern day intellectuals of the 1940’s to present have been aware of the Dick Act of 1902, aka The Militia Act of 1903. Perhaps even as early as 1934 when we had an attack on the Second Amendment as well. Regardless of that attempt to disarm Americans in direct violation of the Dick Act then and today because this Act still stands tall, right beside the Second Amendment.

Not only is Government and Congress along with the Courts in violation of the Dick Act, as well they violate The 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and Article 1, Section 9, Part 3 of the U.S. Constitution itself..

The federal government is one of delegated powers and not original powers, and the primary powers of congress are found in Article 1, Section 8, Clauses 1-18. Interfering with personal rights, among them the right to keep and bear arms is not found in the sole or delegated powers of the federal government, and incidentally, nor in the Constitution of the several states, local, county, and any other legislative bodies are bound by these restraints.

The secondary powers of the Senate are meant to be housekeeping powers and nowhere in the Constitution is the Congress authorized to tamper with our personal unalienable rights as Sovereign De-Jure Nationals which their in servitude to, and neither are they to tamper with the Second Amendment Right to keep and bare arms..nor the right to be well supplied in that endeavor.

Of course these Congressmen and Senators think we are weak minded out here in the nation and are unaware of those fraudulent contracts they have helped the banking institutions trick us into them the upper hand over us and our rights, by natural rights nullification upon signature..I beg to differ because any educated citizen knows those contracts are based on fraud..

And contracts based on fraud fail in the court of justice as well as their attempts to re-define our first 10 Amendments fail in that court of justice as well..we just need a few brave good men to stand and insist those courts listen and stop accepting the bribe..After all once Liberty falls, where will these rich Judges spend their wealth ? These men in black robes will learn about treachery themselves one fine day…They have been used.

Those first 10 Amendments are not privileges, They are Rights, and the Second Amendment Right is there to safeguard them all. Against Courts, Congressmen, Senators, gone bad..This second Amendment is not addressed to States, it is Addressed to WE THE PEOPLE, the sovereigns residing in the sovereign states;

“The Right of the PEOPLE…” The same language is used in the 4th Amendment. In fact the entire Bill of Rights is addressed to the people.. People means Citizen and citizen means people, That is you and me reader, citizens of the States, not the federal government and the 10th Amendment makes the distinction between the people and the federal government very clearly;

” The powers not delegated to the United States (singular) by the Constitution are reserved to the States (Plural) respectively or to the People.”

One of the less famous Founders of this effort towards Freedom, Liberty, and unalienable Rights was George Tucker, veteran of the battle for independence ( I say battle because the war for Independence did not end, and is far from over). George was a professor of law at William and Mary, a judge of the Virginia Court, and a champion of the entrenched Second Amendment Rights of the People to keep and bear arms, Mr. Tucker makes the issue crystal clear in his work, ” Blackstone’s Commentaries”;

” This may be considered the palladium of liberty—The right ( and again, note it is a right and not a privilege) of self defense is the first law of nature; in most governments it has been the study of the rulers to keep this right within its narrowest limits possible…A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be abridged. ” In those days well regulated meant well supplied. See the 1828 Websters Dictionary for clarification of that fact…

Did you notice this says, first the ” right of the PEOPLE ” and does not restrict that right to the militia only, and in any case, the militia is the whole PEOPLE..An attack on the Second Amendment is an attack on the whole Constitution. Clauses and amendments cannot be isolated like these communist gun grabbers time and again keep attempting to do, Villains have tried this to many times, and every single time We the people have stood up and clarified these true and factual definitions historically, We the people had better sit up and take note.

In 1809 John Randolph said ;

” The PEOPLE (not the states, not the local government not the federal government) who will consent to remain unarmed while arms are put in the hands of a standing army governed by martial law are ripe for a master.”

Randolph makes it crystal clear that our right, the PEOPLES right is vested in We the PEOPLE and we are responsible to keep this right, not courts, not Congress, not foolish University Trained by the master holding his license, attorneys who would sell us out either deliberately or by error. What we have today, are courts, local boards, local and county governments and their officers who are attempting to insert clauses of their own making between the 1st and 9th Amendments, and this is very much the case with gun-grabbers who try to twist and squeeze the Constitution to fit their predilections, forbidden mind you by the 9th Amendment.

There are those that believe that 14th amendment attempted to rob the states of property rights and other States rights, but the 14th did not try to abridge the right of citizens to keep and bear arms, nor does it say that guns come under interstate commerce.

The great John Marshall, our third Chief Justice of the Supreme Court must be turning in his grave at the antics of local boards, counties, States, and federal government attempts to abridge the Right of We the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, and of the attempts of those trying to use the 14th amendment to nullify the original 10 Amendments of our authority over them ! Our public servants have turned on us !

It is time we stood up and told them we have had enough. We must tell them of their errors. Nor can they continue with these illegal restrictions whatever imposed on We the People any longer, as well the types of arms and munitions is ours to decide and to keep and bear. Please, could you point out in the Constitution those restraints as to the numbers and types of guns We People may possess are written, or expressly implied ? That would be quite and achievement, as it simply is not there !

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